Who are we?

At Syriac.IO, our mission is rooted in the celebration, preservation, and promotion of the Syriac heritage—a language, a people, and a culture rich in history and depth. The Syriac language, a dialect of Aramaic, the language of Jesus, has been put at risk due to the relentless challenges of cultural assimilation and the unsettling persecution of Christianity.

Today, countless children of the Syriac diaspora are struggling with literacy in their ancestral language. This disconnect not only prevents them from fully appreciating a language that once enchanted the ancient world, but also deprives them of deeply connecting with the very culture that reflects their identity.

We believe that every language deserves to have its voice heard in the digital world, and Syriac is no exception. With Syriac's limited online presence, we've taken it upon ourselves to bridge this gap and bring this ancient language into the heart of the digital age.

Our strategy begins with the development of an AI-powered translator for Classical Syriac and all the dialects. Our journey continues with the ambitious goals of building other modern AI and digital resources for the language and culture and creating an interactive language-learning application.

By embarking on this transformative journey, we aim to empower the Syriac community and encourage language enthusiasts worldwide to partake in the preservation of this unique language and culture. Join us in our movement. Together, let's support, cherish, and breathe new life into the Syriac language.