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Our Plan: Bringing Syriac to the Digital Age

In response to the overwhelming community support following the introduction of our Syriac and Suryoyo Translator, we're thrilled to announce the next phase in our mission: digital revitalization of the Syriac language. This includes the establishment of a non-profit organization and unveiling our comprehensive action plan for you to track our progress. We have always offered our services for free, and this will continue. We're counting on your generous donations to fund this important mission. We firmly believe that Syriac should be accessible to everyone.

Our Ultimate Goal: Making all Syriac dialects (Classical, Suryoyo, and Sureth) accessible to everyone.

AI Language Translation for Syriac

Our journey began with the Syriac Translator, and we're committed to improving and expanding it. In due course, we will integrate all dialects and enhance the precision of translations. We hope to finish our Sureth translator soon. While hundreds of languages have benefitted from AI development, Syriac has been overlooked. We're striving to change this.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Syriac

In line with our AI-driven mission, we're working on an OCR system specifically for the Syriac language. This system will empower users to scan Syriac documents and translate them into English or any other desired language. This is a significant step toward globalizing Syriac and making it more accessible.

ocr image

Syriac Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text Systems

Syriac isn't just a written language—it's also spoken. We're developing a text-to-speech system to breathe life into written Syriac and make it audible. This will familiarize younger generations with the beauty of spoken Syriac. Additionally, a speech-to-text system is in the works to translate spoken Syriac into English or other languages. Follow our Text-to-Speech training progress.

Mapping the Syriac World and History

We're creating an interactive map featuring cities and villages prominent in Syriac culture, all labeled in our language. This tool will educate users about the rich history and geography of the Syriac people. We're also crafting a timeline to provide a chronological overview of our history.

map image

We firmly believe that with time and persistence, Syriac will enjoy the same resources as other languages—and more. We envision a day when our people fully appreciate their language in every possible way. God bless you all.